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We live in a modern world, and innovations just keep on coming. The advancements in science and technology are amazing, and it seems that the world just keeps moving forward in that direction. Some new technologies would have seemed just science fiction just 5 years ago, and today they are reality. And just like it was 5 years ago, even today, some technologies that seem like science fiction will most likely be a reality in a near future. Some new technologies seem so out of this world, that most people believe that they are fake; however this is the reality – we live in a futuristic world, where almost anything is achievable.

Most of these upcoming new technologies are yet to be released. However, some of them have already hit the markets, and made it look as if we already live in the future. So, here are some of them.

Android@Home Technology

This amazing new piece of technology lets you experience a travel from your home to the outer space. This is most likely a dream come true for some, as not everyone is cut out to be an astronaut.

Google Glass PrescriptionsGoogle Glass

Well, Google Glass is already out on the market, but this new version brings out a brand new version of this device people wear like glasses. This new version is still under work, but will come to us very soon. One thing is sure; Google Glass fans can’t wait for it.

Home automation

Some of you might not believe this, but this technology allows us to stay connected with the internet without any wireless connection, wherever we might be inside our house. It will be available 24/7, and will help us connect anything from our home to internet.

Digital 3D Printingmakerbot-replicator-3d-printer-DRM-printing-myrhvold-patent-digital-rights-management-537x342

Very soon, 3D orienting will evolve, and get involved in many of our daily works, and especially in mechanical, engineering and medical industries. This technology will help us cerate daily usable tools, and alter them to make them facilitate our needs.

Oculus Rift

This new virtual technology will help us enjoy video-gaming experience even more. This technology will also make the cinematic experience even better, as it allows us to turn our heads around the digital ultra-low latency, which will give us a better display revolution.

Eye Tribe

This piece of technology will bring about huge advancements in flight simulations, controlling tech devices, and many other fields, as it would let us control these just with the movement of our eyeball! Like a telekinetic, you will be able to move things with your eyes!


This technology will help us make our products or devices exactly as we want them. They will be based on our desires and expectations, unlike the today’s devices, that have flaws.

Firefox OS

This new version of an operating system will come with better internet surfing abilities, and many more other user-friendly facilities. It is claimed that it will be much better than Chrome or Mozilla, and will probably hit the markets in 2015.

518ymz-66GL._SL1155_Leap Motion

Leap Motion is a multi-touch desktop, which will help you control your devices with much greater ease. It will totally change your touch-screening experience, and make the lousiest devices seem even better!

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